Ken Martin
passed away on January 6th 2012.

Ken Martin

Kenneth (Kenny) G. Martin passed away on January 6th 2012.

Ken Martin,of Library,Pa entered his final rest stop on Friday Jan 6 2012.
He started his journey in Detroit as the youngest son of the late Percy and Mildred Martin.
He grew up in a Pittsburgh orphanage and many foster homes.
Ken attended Bethel Park High school,was called to serve his country in Nancy,France and was a steel hauler for 20+ years.
A virtual walking road map,Ken could look at a map,commit it to memory and drive right there.He traveled more than a million mile
as a steel hauler for TransAmerican and mostly as a Hot Shot owner,delivering firebrick to steel mills.
Ken is survived by his wife of 47 years,Judith:
His children,Nancy Martin,Kenneth Martin and Michele Dominich
and brother Rev.Charles Martin.
Ken loved anything that had an engine in it:and could fix it.
Another one of his loves was Bluegrass Music,according to him,"There was no other music".
He had many true Bluegrass friends.He talked about fixing the engines of some well known bluegrass bands
or cooking up a huge batch of fried chicken in his 5th wheel for whoever stopped by. .
.and many people did.
He always had a little moonshine or homemade wine to pass around which made for some lively parties and stories.
Ken was a long time member of the AFBA.
He was one of a few people who had a standing "Reserved" parking spot at his favorite festival in Wind Gap,Pa.
Kenny was truly "Larger than Life" with a heart to match.
We will all miss him . . . !