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Anti-Discrimination Policy

June 2004


The Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Association is a non-profit volunteer organization established to promote Bluegrass Music. The A.F.B.A. does not discriminate against any one joining the Association or attending any one of its many events based on a persons race, creed, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, handicap or disability.


Any member or guest of the A.F.B.A. found in violation of this policy will be immediately removed from the premises and in the event is a member, that member will immediately have their membership revoked permanently with no chance of re-establishing such membership with the A.F.B.A.


Anyone who feels he/she has been discriminated against is to bring their concerns to the attention of an Officer or member of the A.F.B.A. where it will be dealt with in a swift and decisive manner.


The A.F.B.A may be contacted by mail or email address as shown below:



PO Box 507

Wind Gap PA 18091


email: afba_admin@


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