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The AFBA Youth Academy Statement '2010


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AFBA Youth Bluegrass Academy

The purpose of the youth bluegrass academy is to offer a safe, fun,
learning environment for youths interested in playing bluegrass music
and the acoustic instruments associated with this and similar styles of music.
This is primarily offered at the AFBA Festival in August each year.
The AFBA wishes to offer professional instruction to all youths attending the festival
at no cost to the students, with the opportunity to perform
as part of the academy on the main stage during our annual festival.
It is our goal and hope that through this opportunity these students
will come to appreciate this important part of our American Heritage,
thus being a part in the future of Bluegrass Music.

With continued support and enthusiasm, and awareness of our program,
each year the number of students will grow and encourage more youths to participate.
It is a simple goal with enormous rewards….
We invite all bluegrass lovers to help reach this goal
by supporting in whatever way you can.

Thank you,

Sandi Marola
Director AFBA Youth Bluegrass Academy