Section 1-1. The name of the organization shall be The Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Association.



          Section 2-1. The purpose of the Association is to educate the membership and the general public regarding the history and ongoing development of Bluegrass music and to provide sociability among other member groups.

          Section 2-2. To provide means for raising funds to publicize Bluegrass music.

          Section 2-3. The Appalachian Fiddle and Bluegrass Association, a non-profit, non-political, non-religious association, shall be dedicated to the advancement of “Old Hill” style music, know as Bluegrass music.



          Section 3 - 1. The Association shall have a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman of the Board. These will be known as the Association’s Officers or the Executive Committee. The Board Chairman is the link to the officers that makes the term Executive Committee apply.

          Section 3 - 2. The Association shall have, in addition to the Executive Committee, a body of directors known as the Board of Directors. The Board functions under the direction of the Chairman of the Board and should have no less than four (4) and no more than six (6) members. Board members shall be elected to a two (2) year term, by the active members.

          Section 3 - 3. All Officers shall be elected by a majority of the active members present at the Association’s December meeting each year. The term of office shall run from January 1st to December 31st of each year.


Section 3 - 4. An election of an Officer or Board member may be called at any time of the year if the present Officer or Board member is not in good standing in the Association. Once being removed from office or the board, to rejoin, a person must become a social member for one (1) year and attend at least one (1) meeting each quarter before regaining their active membership.

          Section 3 - 5. All Officers or Board members shall be active members in good standing. Any person donating time and/or talents to improve the status of the Association will be considered members in good standing.

          Section 3 - 6. Any Officer or member of the Board, who fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without cause, shall be automatically dropped as an elected official and will be replaced at the next meeting by an election of a new Officer or Board member.



          Section 4 - 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. The President shall, when authorized by resolution of the Association, sign all written contracts and obligations of the Association. 

          Section 4 - 2. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or other duties as required by the President. In the absence of the Secretary, the Vice President shall be authorized to take the minutes. In the absence of the Treasurer, the Vice President shall be authorized to take over the duties of the Treasurer.

          Section 4 - 3. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all Association funds and maintain monthly financial reports and reports of events. He/She shall develop budgets for events for approval as directed by the Officers and Board of Directors. He/she shall prepare reports and information for the accountant and Board.

                    a) A Board member (appointed by the Chairperson of the Board), along with the Treasurer (or the Vice President in the absence of the Treasurer), will be responsible for an accurate accounting of funds at the end of each event.

                    b) The Treasurer shall be a bonded position. The amount of the yearly bond shall be determined by the previous years’ income.        




Section 4 - 4. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and reporting the minutes of all meetings. Copies of approved minutes are available to the members upon request. He/she shall inform members and the public of meetings and events as required by the Board. The Secretary shall provide the Board with any requested operating information in a timely manner.  Also, he/she shall maintain the data base of memberships and mailings.

          Section 4 - 5. The Chairperson of the Board provides leadership to the Board of Directors chairs meetings of the Board, reviews with the President any issues of concern to the Board.

                    a) The Chairperson shall be responsible to oversee the set up of all committees...

                    b) The Chairperson shall be responsible to verify that the committee understands their task and are fulfilling their obligations.

                    c) The Chairperson and Board should meet at least two times a year (March and September) to review the Association’s operation and time line. They may meet more often as issues arise at the discretion of the Chairperson.

                    d) The Chairperson will keep an accessible record of the names and contact number of the board members and when they were elected, and supply a copy to the Secretary.

                    e) The Chairperson shall keep records of Board meeting dates, who attended, the subjects taken up and recommendations made. A copy of the records shall be given to the secretary. 

          Section 4 - 6. The Board of Directors is a body of elected Active members who help elected officers with Association’s operating plans, long and short term goals and objectives and have specific responsibilities that apply to the Association.

Their term of office is two years as a cross over and continuity of function, protection and transition to the Association due to yearly elected officer changes.

                    a) The Board shall appoint a Vice Chairperson from among their members. The Vice Chair shall resume the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.

                    b) The Board has powers to make final decisions in cases of officer misconduct that have adverse impact on the Association and its operating image.

                    c) The Board has oversight on the Association’s operations, all records and operating procedures. The Board shall have official power to request access to all Association records (documents and financial).

                   d) The Board or its members in singular shall not make public any information unless it is authorized by Board agreement or becomes mandatory by law or in legal conduct of Association business.

                    e) Of Specific note; the Board or its individual members are not to conduct themselves in competition with or in interference with the normal duties of the elected Officers unless there is an ongoing issue that has been properly transmitted to and attempts made at resolution by the complete Board. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT for Association protection. 



          Section 5 - 1. The Association shall hold a meeting each month, date, time and place to be determined by the Executive Committee.

          Section 5 - 2. In the absence of the President and Vice President at any meeting, the Treasurer shall have full authority to conduct the meetings for regular business. Three officers must be present at all meetings.

          Section 5 - 3. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee and shall be attended by Officers and Board members.

          Section 5 - 4. Minutes for the Executive Meetings shall be recorded and presented at the next scheduled monthly meeting. Copies of approved minutes are available upon request.

          Section 5 - 5. All meetings shall be conducted in an orderly and efficient manner.

          Section 5 - 6. Only Association related business shall be discussed at meetings.


ARTICLE VI - MEMBERSHIP (See Addendum for detailed definitions.)

          Section 6 - 1. The Association shall have social, active and lifetime members. Active members in good standing are eligible to vote on Association business.

          Section 6 - 2. All Active memberships shall be approved by the active members in good standing. Social members may become active members after one (1) year by being nominated by an Active member and voted into active membership by the members attending the monthly meeting.

           Section 6 - 3. Social members may attend meetings and have voice, but shall have no voting rights.

          Section 6 - 4. Members may request a copy of the Association’s records (documents and financial) through the Board.

          Section 6 - 5. All members shall pay annual membership fees determined by the Executive Committee and the Board. All membership fees shall be paid within thirty (30) days of the anniversary date of joining the Association, or voting rights will be suspended until their membership is renewed.

          Section 6 - 5. Memberships will be available throughout the year.



          Section 7 - 1. All membership fees, donations, funds and assets belong to the entire Association and shall not be dispersed without the approval of the Active membership represented by the Officers and Board. (Specified below)

          Section 7 - 2. The Association, being a non-profit organization shall pay no wages to any Officer or Board member. 

          Section 7 - 3. No funds shall be dispersed to influence any religious, political or legislative body.

          Section 7 - 4. All operating expenses shall be presented at the monthly meeting. Disbursement of funds shall be made by check and signed by two (2) members of the Executive Committee.

          Section 7 - 5.  A financial report shall be given at each monthly meeting stating which funds were dispersed the preceding month, to whom, and for what purpose. The report shall also state the balance of funds on hand at the time. A monthly “event” report shall also be presented each month when applicable.

          Section 7 - 6. If the Association dissolves, the property, funds and equipment shall be dispersed by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to a similar organization, school, or other organization being non-profit, non-political and non-religious.   



          Section 8 - 1. The Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Active Members have the authority to establish rules/regulations to address events or situations as they arise.


          Section 9 - 1. Proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be made by an active member or committee.

          Section 8 - 2. Said Proposed amendments shall be submitted to all Active members in writing at least two (2) months before they are to be acted on.

          Section 8 - 3. Proposed amendments shall be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all eligible voting members present at any stated meeting

Revised 1989

Revised 1997

Revised 6/19/05 (effective date)



By-Laws Committee

Jodie Fishbein


Debbie Frey


Ken Merring